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BLOOD BATHOne Family, One Guild, One Blood.
Boss Days on Wensdays and Sundays

Try too look on this site i think you like it Help for Resurses

Check it how much dragon points you have and what items you can get it: Dragon Points

Journey into a world of infinite boundaries. Come to a place where
imagination becomes reality and impossibility is only a state of mind.
Be free and let loose. Soar into the skies of wonder and immerse into
the vast ocean of utter amazement. Discover unparalleled entertainment.
Enter into a Perfect World.


Here is some information about Perfect World

 Perfect World is a MMORPG, that
is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. This means you play
the game online and interact with other real people all over the world.
This game has excellent graphics, awesome character creation,
interesting quests, dungeons, arena fighting.....just generally
everything that you get with online games that charge you a fee every
month, for the privilege of playing, like World of Warcraft or Age of
 Conan.....and it's totally free to play. There are 5 races:Untamed, Human, Winged Elves, Tideborn and Earthguards. Each race have 2 classes. Untamed: Barbarian and Venomancer, Human:Blademaster and Wizard, Winged Elves: Archer and Cleric, Tideborn: Assassin and Psychic, Earthguards: Seeker and Mystic.Here is some pic of them:

      Archer        Barbarian    Blademaster      Psychic         Seeker

    Assassin           Cleric          Mystic       Venomancer      Wizard

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